The Prologue

The group, led by Ser Vorian, rides through the vast desert of the Dornish marches, under the scorched sun of the South, on route to Sand Haven, a small hamlet at The Scourge river, without knowing what the Seven had kept for their destinies. 
I have a simple task for you Vorian, a simple one, he told him, thou shalt follow to Sands Haven, and esnure the safekeeping of that poor one and bring him back to my justice.
The thoughts of the anointed knight were interrupted by the discussion arousing between his men, talking about the rumours related with their task at Sands Haven. 
Howard, a veteran of many wars and a loyal man to the House, was telling Aaron about the crimes committed by Moudibe that led to the assassination of two squires, ten years ago. The game debts and the booze made the poor fool go on a rampage and, after the carnage, therefore flee from their Lord's dominions without trace.
Terry, another veteran, stated that it seems that Moudibe has been caught near Godsgrace, and sent to them as a courtesy of Lady Delonne Allyrion, right now probably on is way to Sands Haven under escort of House Allyrion henchman.
The day was coming to an end as the group ventures into Dorne's desert depths. The arid landscape, known for the scant rainfalls, resemble an ocean of sand were rocky outcrops sporadically arises from the huge dunes.
As the eight horsemen cover the desert miles that separate them from Sands Haven, Aaron, the archer,  sight a couple of medium-sized birds flying over a rocky gorge. Intrigued by the sight, Ser Vorian quickly led his men to the site. 
Approaching the gorge, they realize those were not common birds but vultures, and the meaning of their presence was clear for them; there's dead in their path.
Ser Vorian automatically ordered Howard and Baynes to scout the place ahead and so they did. The horrible vision caught both men by surprise as they realized the slaughter that happened there; the corpses were left abandoned; men, women and children, all of them butchered.
Howard stayed at the site and told Baynes to call the others. The veteran search the place for clues of what had happened there. A few moments after his departure, Baynes returned to the site of the massacre with Ser Vorian and his companions. 

Howard didn't need to explaine to the knight that those corpses were the result of professionals warriors work.The men slaughtered and the women raped with their throats cut deeply, without evidence of theft.
Ser Vorian ordered Aaron and Gurney to pick the assassins track, which was not difficult as it seems they were a great number of thugs, probably thirty or forty of them riding horses towards South, one maybe two days ahead of them.

The thoughts of Ser Vorian were with the mission objective and how to deal with this huge band of thugs wandering in his Lord's land. Howard told him he should send someone back to give the news to their Lord in order to organize a group of pursuers to hunt them down; Terry in turn hoped to hunt the bandits down on their own.
The knight realized he should be careful about the situation they were in, so he ordered Dorian to ride back with the news and told him to bring up reinforcements as soon as possible to pick up their track. Dorian immediately left at full speed as Howard and Aaron begun tracking the thugs. Decisions made, the group left the site as it was, leaving the corps to rest in the sand under the vultures gaggle.
Beneath the cold and moonless night, a watchman was fighting his tiredness complaining about is lack of luck for being chosen to make the later encampment guard turn. They had been travelling for almost a month  without any knowledge where they were heading to, being forced to trust in their captain judgement and follow his orders.  
My friends, he said in the departure eve from Oldtown, We have now a new contract. Therefore  you should prepare yourselves and gather your belongings, say farewell to your women and bastard sons, as we are about to leave heading South to the desert lands of Dorne where gold, riches  and fame waits for us, he laughed and his eyes burned filled with a mounstrous ambition. 
The watchman chilled with the memory of those huge black eyes glittering in the dark of Whiteglobe inn hall in Oldtown. Everything went smoothly in the road to the Dornish marches, the watchman though, even the passage through Skyreach at the Prince's Pass in the red mountains with the Fowler's approval. However last night everything went wrong. Why didn’t those dornishmen listened to them? This dornish people have strong pride and that lead to a slaughter as they refuse to obey captain's orders. A small combate exercise, he thought smiling now wide awake, as their captain could not allow his men to be unprepared for battle now that they are aproaching destination. 
As the watchman smiles about it's thoughts, he only had time to feel the air in front of him vibrating for a fraction of second. From the dark an arrow hit his throat and the man died before reaching the ground.
Ser Vorian positioned their men creating two groups, one led by Terry and the other by himself, in order to surround the camp. After Aaron and Gurney took down the tow watchmen guarding tboth sides of the camp, the group led by Vorian started the attack by charging aggainst it. from the North. Aaron took another sentinal but couldn't prevent it from given the alarm. 
As the encampment men were waking up and taking up arms, Vorian and his men made of what they do best, knocking their opponents one by one, completely surprised by the speed of their attack.
After impaling an opponent with the spear and chopping off the head of another with the sword, Ser Vorian was caught by three enemies lancers who were able to bring down his horse piercing it with their spears.
The knight got up and managed to evade enemy sword's blows hitting back with a killing blow on the neck of one of his enemies and ripping it stomach with the blade.
The group led by Terry, positioned in the South of the encampment and watching Ser Vorian and their companions in trouble, began to charge against the enemies who were gathering up to a counter-attack on Ser Vorian's men.

In the middle of the fight Vorian watched Terry and his men ridding into the camp slaughtering his enemies and he thoght for a moment that his iniciative made his opponents so surprised leaving them without any ability to fight them back. 
The knight, on foot and surrounded by a couple of enemies, was rescued by Aaron, Howard and Baynes as they charge against the lancers facing them. Aaron was shoting arrows frenzied with the blood and swet of the battle. Suddenly a huge man with a hatchet striked Aaron with a mortal blow up his hip throwing him to the ground screaming in agony with the pain. They were outnumbered by his enemies and without the starting iniciative there were nothing more Vorian could do to help his men but to continue to fight. He underestimated their opponents, strong and experienced warriors that even under a surprise attack and against odds could turn the battle in their favor.
The knight, wounded and tired, started searching for the leader of the enemy hord when he was hit by a sword that made ​​him lose consciousness. With blurred vision, Vorian saw Howard being taked down and Baynes being crippled by two enemy lancers.